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Scientist dating site

Like geeks, the stereotype of a scientist too is someone who is not very good initiating social contact with the opposite sex.You may have no problems interacting with a brother or a co-worker who is a researcher, but as soon as you meet one at a party, you know that it will be a while before you can get him to her to open up to you.However it is true that looks are not the first priority for scientists – since they deal with the internal mechanism of things, they are less concerned whether their nail color is chipped or suede shoes are not in vogue presently.Also you may find a lot many scientists out of shape physically since most of their time is spent at the lab seat.Don’t keep comparing your partner to an ex who was a stunner or give too much thought to the green shirt that he has on.

We organise round table discussions and debates in bars (Sci [email protected]), trainings/workshops at institutes (Sci DF Talks), social activities for scientists (Sci DF4Fun) and collaborate with existing entities and programs (Sci DF Co-Lab).

In social situations, these brilliants tend to be introverted and defensive.

So use bold actions and language to initiate conversation with them.

Displaying subtle hints of interest may work with others, but a molecular biologist may not even be aware that you are reaching out to him/her.

In fact they may think that you are not serious or interested unless you give them quite clear signs.

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