Discreet dating for married people

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Do affairs lead to marriage and a happily ever after ending?

Obviously, since most affairs are conducted in secret, there aren't any accurate statistics referring to the success of marriages between couples who have affairs.

The one thing that all types of affairs have in common is that they're very personal for all parties involved.

They can complicate long-term relationships and often bring with them many emotions, both bad and good, depending on your perspective.

Affairs may be, which is also referred to as "an affair of the heart." These are often in the form of sexual liaisons among unwed or wedded parties.

, it is one that lacks sexual intimacy but has intense or enduring emotional intimacy.This generation of married couples is sliding to an all-time low.Instead of marriage counseling, self help, or simply talking marriage problems out, men and women are relieving their stress online.Sometimes it can break up a marriage, while other couples may be able to recover from the infidelity and save their relationship.People have discreet affairs for all sorts of reasons.

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  1. If you want to know if it is serious or not, you could try saying to him "you have to quit your position if you want to flirt with me" if it was serious from his side, he would do that (or realise that the timing is not right) if he was not serious, he would back off in an instant (if he is a perv, he will move onto someone else.. i have no doubt you will find it here :)Is it ever ok to date your boss or is that something that should be left to the imagination? If he's constantly flirting, he can't be very professional, as far as I'm concerned.