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(For party-based business components, such as Account, Contact, and Household, the name for the table is S_PARTY.) NOTE: To determine this table name, navigate to Business Component in Object Explorer, and find the base business component.This table name appears in the Table column for the base business component.We have been very satisfied with the results so far and look forward to continued success.

Due to the ubiquity of online dating—the blind date’s younger, techy cousin once removed—we’re all pretty familiar with dating complete strangers by now.To set up effective dating for the fields in an additional business component that is not preconfigured for effective dating, complete the tasks in this topic.In this topic, you set up effective dating for the fields in the Account business component as an example, but you can set up effective dating for the fields in another business component.After you create and update the business components for the effective dating fields, you configure the dialog box that appears when users click the effective date button for the base business component.To configure the dialog box for the effective date button Copy the Contact Field ED Popup Applet, rename the copied applet with the name of the base business component for which you want to set up effective dating fields, and change the business component for the applet to the history business component for the history table.

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To set up effective dating for fields, complete the following tasks: NOTE: After you complete the tasks in this topic, you must set up the view of field history.

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