1stop dating com

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1stop dating com

I will forever more bad mouth and deter anyone I come in contact with to avoid Expedia.

Oh by the way, just booked flight from Charlotte to Gulf port one day in advance for 800 dollars one day before leaving on American Airlines sites for tomorrow.

I have spent countless hours on the phone with no resolution in sight. I booked a activity through expedia and the company cancelled.I can see my future travel plans will not be made with Expedia if that is the case. After hours on the phone waiting on hold I finally talked to a customer service rep, which basically told me to bad have a nice day.When I asked to talk to her supervisor, she said they weren’t accepting calls currently..I have contacted expedia and have spent several hours on hold just for them to tell me they have no record of the calls, cancellation nor anything else. left me there knowing ill hang up after a while dishonest practices!I said I have all the reference numbers, names, booking number, iten #, email from them so how do you not have any record of calls. The call all started because i was incorrectly charged room rates and had actual proof with screen shots.

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I am currently on hold with them, and have been for nearly 2 hours, while they try to rectify a situation that occurred over 6 weeks ago (a portion of my existing reservation was cancelled by the airline).

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